• Friday September 21st

    Katerina / & Sansibar

    Katerina https://soundcloud.com/katerina

    A music lover first and foremost, music is to Katerina like water is to Earth. She was a highly active figure in the Helsinki scene for over 10 years, working with Lil Tony at venues such as Kaiku and Ääniwalli. After moving to Berlin a few years ago and later to Sofia, Katerina was finally able to concentrate on making music, rather than facilitating it for others. Indeed, her first EP will be out mid September on Matias Aguayo’s oddball label Cómeme while her radio show Émotsiya has steadily been gaining notoriety.

    Sansibar https://soundcloud.com/sunnysibar

    Helsinki’s prince of electro has been creating music in bands since his early teens and to this day he still maintains a healthy dose of monikers, SPS and C.O.P to name a few. His retrofuturistic rhythms under the Sansibar alias have recently been gaining a reputation outside of Finland, finding a place in sets from the likes of JASSS, Helena Hauff and Textasy. Sansibar also hosted the Émotsiya radio show with Katerina when it was still on Radio Helsinki.

    Free before 23 / 12€ after.


  • Wednesday September 26th

    Lil Tony / Olli Koponen

    Afro, avant-garde, balearic, bongo, experimental, noise, blues, jazz, calypso, dub, lovers rock, zouk, EBM, new-age, breaks, kraut, jungle, french boogie, cosmic, disco polo, synthpop, elevator music, space sounds…

    ...Lil Tony & Olli Koponen play whatever.

    Free before 23 / 5€ after.


  • Friday September 28th

    Sapphire Slows (JP) / & Yu Su (CN) / & J.Lindroos

    Sapphire Slows https://soundcloud.com/sapphire-slows

    Yu Su https://soundcloud.com/yu_su

    A few years ago Yu Su moved from China to Vancouver for her studies and eventually stumbled upon the (in)famous Mood Hut parties. You might hear the influence of those hazy nights in her own productions and DJ sets: warm, percussive, a bit jazzy and a bit wonky but always inviting; soul music from the 21st century ツ By now she has put out a couple of strong releases; one on Arcane and the other on Washington DC favourite, People’s Potential Unlimited.

    J.Lindroos https://soundcloud.com/j-lindroos

  • Saturday September 29th

    DJ Sotofett(NO)

    The Sex Tags Mania boss and uncrowned king of the underground goes in all night baby.

  • Friday October 5th

    PLO MAN (CA) / & C3D-E (CH)

    It's your boys

    PLO MAN https://soundcloud.com/plo_sound

    C3D-E https://soundcloud.com/c3deee

  • Saturday October 13th

    Lauren Hansom (AU) / & Denzel

    Lauren Hansom https://soundcloud.com/laurenhansom

    Denzel https://soundcloud.com/denzelmyman

    Free before 23 / 14€ after.

  • Friday October 19th

    Brian Not Brian (UK) / & Vesa-Matti Kivioja

    Brian Not Brian https://soundcloud.com/briannotbrian

    Vesa-Matti Kivioja https://soundcloud.com/mesa-vatti

    Free before 23 / 14€ after.

  • Saturday October 20th

    Handshaking (LIVE) / & DJ Jese / & DJ Aleksi

    Handshaking https://soundcloud.com/handshaking

    DJ Jese https://soundcloud.com/dj-jese

    DJ Aleksi https://soundcloud.com/djaleksialeksi

    Free before 23 / 12€ after.

  • Friday October 26th

    Bufiman (DE) / J.Lindroos

    Bufiman https://soundcloud.com/jan-schulte

    J.Lindroos https://soundcloud.com/j-lindroos

    Free before 23 / 14€ after.

  • Saturday October 27th

    Laurine (IT) / Justus Valtanen

    Laurine https://soundcloud.com/laurine_sl

    Justus Valtanen https://soundcloud.com/justusvaltanen

    Free before 23 / 14€ after.