Artist of the month

Miska Kettu

Miska Kettu (b.1994) is an upcoming fashion designer from Helsinki, Finland. He is currently working on his MA studies at Aalto University School of Arts, Design, and Architecture. Kettu points out, that he takes inspiration for his work from different parts of history and culture. His latest collection named “The Peacock’s Tale”, which was part of his BA collection, was influenced by the 1960s Peacock revolution and Halloween. Kettu describes the collection: “In the Sixties, men’s fashion witnessed an extraordinary rebirth that led to lasting social, cultural, and commercial change, what media commentators came to coin The Peacock Revolution. The collection was a deep dive into the swinging sixties in scenery like Alice in the wonderland with a twist of Halloween. Soon after presenting the collection, Kettu landed himself a job in Copenhagen in a local fashion house.

Kettu describes the work done for Post Bar: “This is my ode for the people who keep their head up and keep pushing in the waves of a pandemic.”