Artist of the month

Antti Kalevi

As much as you could believe that Antti Kalevi’s drawings are made from scraps of fluorescent and primary coloured paper, they’re actually all created digitally. Loose, expressive and chock-full of happy fruits, animals, humans and shapes with eyes, Antti’s work is a sunshine by way of a graphic tablet. “I like to use humour in my pictures every now and then, but I also try to make beautiful images,” Antti says. “If you look my work from far away it’s often very simple, but close up is full of small details.” Currently based in Helsinki, an Aalto graduate Antti has spent some time working in Reykjavik, Kyoto, Tokyo and Veneto and dreams of taking his studio on the road to somewhere warm.

Antti describes the work done for Post Bar: “The august poster was inspired by summer holidays: sleeping late, listening to good music, watching bees and flowers.”