Artist of the month

Gina Asunción Guasch

Born in 1993 in Barcelona surrounded by a family of artists, which brought her really close to art from a really young age. They graduated in graphic design in BAU and quickly started working in different design studios, until they founded GGT, a queer and inclusive creative studio. In GGT they have worked with clients like Nike, Sony Music, All Eyes on Hip Hop Festival, Mira Festival and many more, also with a lot of music artists like Nathy Peluso, Sen Senra, Peach and ISAbella. Gina Guasch also co-founded MARICAS, a queer collective, with their partners Eloisa and ISAbella.

Gina describes the work done for Post Bar: “The flyer has a asthetic really characteristic of GGT influenced by naif culture, the underground and fanzines. The illustration represents three emotional states: anxiety (the main character), stress (both characters that are climbing up) and procrastination (the little characters that are dancing), transferred in the artist’s own iconography, where the representations are not literary but abstract and surreal.”