Post bar
is a club.

A music bar and dance club dedicated to you. Whether you want to dance or just hang out, you’re welcome here, as long as you treat others and the vibe with respect.

We hope that you enjoy yourself and let others enjoy themselves as well.

Any kind of harassment, aggression or unsuitable behaviour will result in removal from the club. If you witness any of the aforementioned behaviour, please let a staff member know.

We kindly ask you to not use your phone whilst on the dancefloor. It will ruin the moment for you and for others

People will be denied entry if they are visibly intoxicated, show signs of aggression or other inappropriate behaviour or seem otherwise uninterested in the music or vibe of the party.

We want to ensure that the atmosphere inside is as good as it can be, with zero distractions and a feeling of safeness and freedom of expression among the people inside.

Lost and found

Lost and found items are held at Post Bar for a week. After that, items will be sent to Lost & Found Office in Kamppi. Address: Narinkka 3, Kampin keskus phone. 0600-04401.

Wed 20–04, Thu 22–04, Fri 22–05, Sat 22–05

Free entrance before midnight.


Kaikukatu 2, Helsinki


Age limit: 19+ on weekends, 18+ on weekdays. Identification is required.